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Kathy Gherardi
A qualified and experienced counsellor/ psychotherapist in private practice; a registered member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP), with an MA in Psychotherapy from Middlesex University.
  • she developed and currently delivers bespoke secular Mindfulness Programmes to senior and middle managers and to staff members in businesses in Hertfordshire, England, and in Croatia;
  • she developed and currently teaches public, secular Mindfulness Courses to adults; 
  • she developed and currently delivers bespoke public, secular Mindfulness Drop-In Sessions each week;
  • she developed and currently teaches bespoke secular Mindfulness Courses to vulnerable adults with mental health issues, who use the day services provided by local charities in Hertfordshire, England.
  • she has previous experience in sales & marketing, high tech and education.
Kathy is in private practice as an integrative counsellor/psychotherapist in St Albans, Hertfordshire. Her clients have presented with anxiety, depression, PTSD, issues with sexuality and sexual orientation, psychosis and suicidality. For the past three years, on Wednesdays, she has volunteered as a counsellor for CRI Spectrum Drug and Alcohol Recovery and Rehabilitation Service in Hatfield. She has valid DBS certificate.
She has had a personal secular mindfulness practice for the past 28 years. She began developing and teaching public mindfulness courses locally at a Further Education College in September 2014. Via word of mouth recommendation, she began to develop and deliver mindfulness courses and programmes for local businesses and charities, under the auspices of the FE College. Recently she has become a sole trader in order to more effectively deliver her bespoke mindfulness courses and programmes to the public, to businesses and to charities. She incorporates the mindfulness approach in her integrative practice as a counsellor/psychotherapist. She plans to offer Mindfulness Coaching for Career and Life issues in the near future.

She is a registered counsellor/psychotherapist: Certificate #102037
She was awarded an MA in Psychotherapy from Middlesex University on 24 February 2012.
She is completing a Post Qualifying Certificate in Buddhist Psychotherapy at The Tariki Trust, Narborough, Leicester, UK. She began this training in September 2014. Her approach to secular mindfulness is grounded in the Buddhist tradition. When she has completed the required essay, having done all of the academic courses and clinical training required, she will use this certificate and my MA to achieve accreditation with the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotheraphy).

As Mentoring Manager, from January 2007 to October 2008, she developed and implemented a Mentoring Programme for Year 9, 10 and 11 students at a secondary school in south Hertfordshire. She interviewed and selected the staff members who became Academic Mentors.
  • she trained the mentors and supervised their delivery of mentoring sessions to the students. She identified and interviewed students who could benefit from receiving mentoring.
  • she developed all of the materials used in the mentoring programme and personally mentored 1/3 of students in the programme. She identified and acquired funding to pay for my salary as Mentoring Manager, as well as paying a small, but significant hourly fee to mentors for delivering the mentoring sessions
  • She wrote my MA thesis on this subject and submitted it in November 2011. It is electronically self-published on Amazon UK as “Mentoring and Counselling Students in Secondary Education”.

The integrative psychotherapy course (psychodynamic/Jungian) that Kathy completed was administered and delivered by The Society for Psychology & Healing, the training arm of The Marian Association. The course was validated by Middlesex University. The full, clinical training of lectures, essays and case study submissions, experiential training and group supervision ran from February 2003 to June 2005, part-time. Her training placement was at a day hospice in north London, from 2003 to 2005, where she counselled people who were recovering from cancer.
From 1997 to 2002 Kathy was a dedicated supply teacher at her son’s primary school and did supply teaching at other primary schools in north London. She has taught across the subject range and the age range.
Kathy taught general science and Biology from 1990 to 1996 at Holloway Boys School which, at the time, was a tough inner city secondary school in Islington, north London. She taught in the UK whilst using her Teaching Certificate from the State of Ohio, USA. (She had moved from high tech industry to teaching).
From late autumn 1978 to spring 1988 Kathy worked in the semiconductor industry as an R & D Process Engineer (NCR Microelectronics and INMOS), a QA Manager (INMOS), a Recruitment Consultant (Kramer Westfield) and a European Semiconductor Market Analyst (Dataquest/Gartner).
  • She entered the semiconductor industry in November 1978 as an entry level R & D Process Engineer in a small, dedicated R & D line at NCR Microelectronics in Colorado Springs, CO, USA. She worked on the development of our 4K DRAM wafer fab process.
  • After two years Kathy began to work for a British company INMOS also located in Colorado Springs, as an R & D Process Engineer. She developed and trialled the EEPROM front end, wafer fab process. In 1982 she was chosen to be QA Manager/Front End for the new INMOS Semiconductor plant in Newport, Wales, UK, in order to facilitate the technology transfer of our 16K DRAMs, SRAMS, EEPROMs and the Transputer from the USA to the UK. As QA Manager she had a small team of engineers, technicians and operators working for me. Their primary focus was to monitor the output of measurement devices and to provide data to stabilise the yield and reliability of their products.
  • Kathy left INMOS in the spring of 1985 to become a Head-hunter for Kramer Westfield, a small to medium sized recruitment consultancy in Surrey, England. She developed the Wafer Fab recruitment division at KW, placing senior and middle engineering managers in manufacturing sites across the UK and Europe. Prior to this KW had been primarily focussed on placing sales and marketing professionals in the industry.
  • Kath left Kramer Westfield and moved to Dataquest in the autumn of 1986, as a European Semiconductor Market Analyst. She developed the European Wafer Fabrication database for Dataquest, used world-wide by the company. She accompanied the sales personnel on sales calls and was involved in closing deals. She provided crucial information to my clients (in senior and middle management) about the state of the semiconductor market in Europe and around the world, influencing key decision makers. She made presentations about the state of the market at Dataquest events around Europe.

Kathy was awarded a BA in Biology from Wittenberg University in 1975. She was also awarded a Teaching Certificate (equivalent to a PGCE) from the State of Ohio, USA – specialist area: teaching Biology and General Science at High School level.
She was a Rotary Exchange Student and lived in Brazil for a year, from July 1970 to June 1971. She can ‘get by’ in Spanish and South American Portuguese to this day. She graduated from Dover High School in 1971. She is a dual citizen – British/American.



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