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Learning Organisation - at the day
What will participants do differently at the day?

Here at Janus PIM we passionately believe in the power of lifelong learning and the importance of becoming a Learning Organisation.  We are offering you the opportunity to join an introductory session on learning organisations.  The session will last approximately four hours of training and two hours of workshop after the lunch break, and will:
- Introduce you to the key concepts and theories of Learning Organisations.
  • You will know what an excellent learning organisation looks and feels like and learn from others what they have in place in their organisations.
- Provide you with a introductory tool to assess your current culture and capabilities – is yours a supportive learning environment? Do you have concrete learning processes and practices and does your leadership reinforce and encourage learning? 
  • You will be able to use an audit tool to assess your current learning organisation status, which will help you identify where developments and improvements need to be made. You can also take this audit tool back to your workplace and use it with your teams and departments, helping them develop their own improvement action plans.
- Introduce some simple things you can do straight away to start building a Learning Organisation (and/or Learning Teams).
  • 10 key tools to take away and use and for those who are already embarked on their journey toward s a learning organisation – additional tools that managers and team leaders can use with their teams.
- Identify how you will persuade others to the values of becoming a Learning Organisation.
  • Communication strategies that get people motivated and involved.  How do we get everyone to buy in to the concepts and practices in a learning organisation. The importance of marketing internally.
- Start to develop your individual and organisational action plan.
  • Even if you have already embarked on your journey you need to keep things going – as John Kotter says in his work on Leading Change you need to embed the new culture and that needs constant reinforcement of good practice and ideas for improvement.  How are you going to ensure that the initiative has momentum going forward?
Can you afford not to find out more?  

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