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Building a Learning Organisation



Managing, meeting and if possible exceeding learning organisation expectations is one of the most difficult

- and often frustrating - aspects of management.

Building a Learning Organisation 
  • Do you sometimes wonder if your organisation has the capacity and capability to meet the challenges of the coming years?
  • Do you feel that you do not use fully the talents you have in your organisation?
  • Do you wish that it was your teams that came up with the improvement ideas rather than them always coming from the top?
  • Do you want everyone in your organisation to embrace and be committed to change? 
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Developing your organisation as a Learning Organisation is one way to address all of those questions and a lot more. It is also recognised by many practitioners that being a learning organisation gives you a real and valuable competitive advantage.  Critically the organisation’s ability to learn faster than their competitors may be the only form of sustainable competitive advantage in the future.

The good thing about benefiting from the performance improvements created through the learning organisation is that many of the tools and techniques do not cost much, if any money. Similarly adopting the Learning Organisation Culture is about doing things differently not buying loads on new software or training packages.  Getting the team to become self-directed learners and then giving them the time and space to work together just requires a new way of thinking not a massive expenditure.
Becoming a learning organisation is not a new theory or approach, back in 1993 Peter Senge identified that organisations, in order to cope with and thrive in our turbulent world, needed to develop the capacity to grow through learning.  He identified that organisations that could not learn to learn would be the ones that fell behind in the global race.

that supports learning and ensures that learning is effectively shared across the organisation are key factors in creating an organisation that is innovative, responsive and sustainable.
In 2003 he noted that Learning Organisations are places where,  “people continually expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free and where people are continually learning how to learn together.

He identified 5 key areas that create the Learning Organisation Culture:

1. Systems Thinking - the ability to see the big picture, and to identify patterns rather than seeing changes in isolation.  He also said that we must not blame our problems on something external rather we should look at how we operate and recognise how our actions can create problems
2. Personal Mastery – this is all about a universal commitment to lifelong learning in order that everyone fulfils their potential 
3. Mental Models – we mustn’t let our current worldview limit our thinking.  We must use reflection to ensure that we do not miss opportunities for learning.  Openness is key.
4. Building Shared Visions - What is needed is a genuine vision, which everyone shares and buys into, and it is one that elicits commitment in good times and bad, and has the power to bring an organisation together. 
5. Team Learning – teamwork is critical in modern organisations and it is imperative that teams not only come together but that they also learn together and share learning with other teams. 

These along with a culture and leadership that supports learning and ensures that learning is effectively shared across the organisation are key factors in creating an organisation that is innovative, responsive and sustainable.
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