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A professional accredited coach, facilitator and trainer who specialises in leadership learning. He coaches individuals to maximise personal development, trains people to realise potential in others and facilitates groups to grow and improve. He currently works in organisations in the UK and Europe and is English speaking. 

Chris uses techniques and protocols developed over 18 years which focus on deep structured learning. They encourage awareness and responsibility in individuals, teams and organisations to help them succeed in learning and growing by working together. 

Particular areas of interest and expertise include:
  • linking emotional intelligence to leadership through the Emotions and Behaviours at Work system
  • understanding human motivation and patterns of behaviour to improve leadership
  • using appreciative enquiry for organisational development
  • how people learn: from shallow to deep and profound learning

He has a Masters Diploma in the UK with the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching. He is an Accredited Facilitator to use the Emotions and Behaviours at Work system (EBW). He has written and devised numerous customised programmes to support the peer coaching and facilitation processes used. He is passionate in his work in developing others and believes everyone can realise their potential and succeed. 

Currently the main focus of work is on the following key areas:
  1. Acting as a trainer and facilitator with middle and senior leaders to foster partnerships and develop leadership and emotional intelligence through the use of clear protocols. Emphasis is on deep learning.
  2. Acting as a trainer and facilitator to train people to train others. Contexts include leadership, emotions and behaviours and peer coaching
  3. Operating as a professional leadership coach working in partnership with middle and senior leaders to improve both personal and organisational goals.
  4. Working as a facilitator to train people to be peer coaches with a view to them using the coaching process in their organisations.

Interests and Expertise
The following represent specific areas of expertise and experience relevant to the focus above.
A qualified Business and Executive Leadership Coach at Level 7 (Masters) with the Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM).
an Accredited Facilitator to use the Emotions and Behaviours at Work system (EBW). 
Facilitated and trained groups of people to understand leadership learning and be more effective leaders in their organisation. The programmes developed have been based around deep learning and use protocols which structure learning. The programmes move people from managing to leading. Areas of expertise include:
  • Effective leadership
  • Leadership styles
  • Values, beliefs, traits, role, motives and drivers
  • Emotions and behaviours at work
  • Emotional intelligence and leadership
  • Self awareness, self management and relationship management
  • Influencing strategies
  • Using coaching as a leadership style
  • Leading in a culture of change

Many short and longer programmes have been developed training people to be coaches. These programmes include content such:
  • Experiencing the GROW model
  • Developing the skills of the coach such as listening and questioning
  • Developing coaching behaviours such as self control, self confidence, empathy and developing others
  • Using appreciative enquiry as an approach to positive development and change
  • Understanding the impact beliefs have on behaviours
  • Focussing on emotions and behaviours such motivation, adaptability, decisiveness, conscientiousness, influence, empathy, stress resilience which improve personal effectiveness at work
  • Improving performance and potential

Possess an extensive toolkit of resources to support the leadership coaching process. Examples of common and popular tools used include:
  • Emotional intelligence - knowing yourself and knowing others
  • Emotions and behaviours at work – on line assessment tool
  • Personal drivers profile
  • Managing change profile
  • Leadership styles profile
  • Personal values review
  • Personal communication profile
  • Influencing strategies

Currently developing flexible modules and packages using audio, video and text to create a Learn How To ….. Series. These packages are available on line and are interactive. First titles include:
  • how to lead: ‘simple skills of the leader’
  • how to develop emotions and behaviours at work: ‘becoming an emotionally intelligent leader’
  • how to manage behaviour: ‘strategies for changing behaviours’
  • how to coach: ‘the ultimate guide to high impact coaching’

Relevant Achievements
Some recent and relevant achievements include:
  • Lead trainer for various organisations having delivered courses for senior and middle managers. Facilitated 300 workshops and trained in over 700 organisations. Focus leadership, learning and coaching. 1997 – present
  • Facilitator for the National College for Leadership programme on leadership learning. 2005 - 2009
  • Leadership coach to new Headteachers. 2004 – present Total 30 hours coaching.
  • Personal leadership coach to 10 middle leaders on a leadership programme called ‘Making a Difference’. April – Nov 2010. Total: 120 hours coaching
  • Action learning set facilitator for five sets on the ‘Making a Difference’ programme. April – July 2010.
  • Wrote training materials for the peer coaching strand of a national programme. Trained 25 associates to implement the materials. 2008 - present.
  • Lead trainer for national programme working with specialist and non specialist staff to become peer coaches. 2008 - present.
  • Mentor and coach for ‘Starting Out’ programme. 2009 - present. Total: 50 hours mentoring and coaching
  • Coaching facilitator and cohort leader for the ‘Learning Coaches’ programme since it started in April 2005. Involved with ten cohorts, member of the programme development advisory group, core team member re-writing new materials, training the facilitators for the programme. Tutor, e tutor and assessor. 2005 - 09.
  • Co-developer and lead cohort facilitator for the ‘Learning Coach Facilitator Elective’. Involved devising a two day programme and then training and empowering graduate coaches to facilitate the coaching programme in their organisations. 2008.
  • Wrote a toolkit for facilitators and coaches as a resource to support the coaching process. 2007
  • Trainer and consultant on strategic targeted development programme in Croatia, 2012



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