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Jon Thedham
An experienced executive manager, consultant, trainer, facilitator and business coach who has worked successfully for over twenty years with a wide range of clients from both the for and not-for-profit sectors. He has held senior management and marketing roles in the commercial sector working in a number of areas focusing on strategic management and planning and Business Development.  He is a Fellow of the Institute of Marketing (FCIM), holds a post graduate diploma in marketing (DipM) and has an MBA. As well as a number of coaching and other management related qualifications. 

He has developed national learning programmes and benchmark ‘toolkits’ for the service sector and other sectors and has written delivered a range of leadership, strategic management, negotiation, marketing, sales and customer service programmes for a diverse range of clients including an, International Hotel Chain, global manufacturing company, international bank, technology companies, manufacturing, professional practices and an extensive range of service industry operations. He has also acted as a business improvement consultant for these organisations helping them improve their service standards and business performance.

Particular Areas of experience and expertise include:
  • Strategic negotiation and communications (including sales, performance and workforce negotiations)
  • The development and delivery of programmes to meet specific organisational needs and requirements
  • The management of change and the embedding of new cultures in organisations
  • Strategic and tactical marketing from planning to implementation and beyond
  • Strategic communications implementation

As a trainer he has developed and written programmes to support senior management in the Hotel Industry (Thistle Hotels Senior Management Programme); the development and delivery of a four year senior management development programme for Smurfitt Kappa national management and leadership programmes for a variety of sectors. He has written and delivered a wide range of personal development programmes including performance coaching, negotiations, sales and selling skills, effective communications and effective leadership. He is an associate director of an award winning strategic marketing and business improvement consultancy and is a Chief Examiner/Developer for an international awarding organisation as well as facilitating learning in organisations through his consultancy interventions.

As a strategic consultant he has worked with senior management teams helping them improve their performance and to develop and refine their brand and strategies as well as supporting organisations going through rapid growth and expansion.  He has facilitated senior team meetings and creative sessions to facilitate the development of effective service improvement goals, objectives and strategies.  As a coach and learning facilitator he has worked with senior, middle and front line teams helping them implement strategies, manage change, improve communications and facilitate innovation and ideas development as well as improving profitability through effective selling. He has extensive experience of working with high growth entrepreneurial businesses and their owner managers, working as both a coach and a business improvement consultant. He is also currently a non-executive marketing director of a fast growth information security business helping them achieve their potential in the turbulent technology marketplace.

He works with organisations helping them develop their management and operational teams at all levels and has undertaken research into the elements of effective teams and now uses this learning to help organisations achieve goals and meet the diverse challenges that continually face them.

Focus on work:

- in IT industry – Have recently completed a 18 month Interim role (Marketing Director) for a rapid growth telkoms related business (Mobile Device Security.  Role entailed changing the focus of the business and developing the team to be able to cope with the rapidly changing market it was entering.  Worked directly with the team to change the culture as well as providing support to facilitate improved resilience across the teams).  Currently coaching 6 Owners of high growth businesses in the North of England helping them respond to their turbulent and changing environments

- in international/multinational environment – Worked in ISPC with Senior Managers from across Europe.  Programme entailed changing perceptions and understanding of customer centricity as well as providing a range of skills and the development of competence in areas such as communication, influencing and team development.  Delivered leadership and strategic management programmes to International Hotel Chain (Thistle Hotel Groups).  Led management development programme for senior managers for Kappa-Smurfit (Multi-National). The work with this company also entailed working in identified plants helping them change their working practices and to enable their mangers to facilitate effective change. Have delivered train the trainers in Japan to Japanese trainers and managers. Trained and Coached Government Senior Ministers from Nigeria.

- with managers – In the last 20 years I have trained, coached and mentored an extensive number of managers (in excess of 2000) from a wide variety of sectors.  Developed programmes for both middle and senior managers, executive coached senior managers as well as helping them develop their strategic and marketing competence.  Have written and delivered National/International programmes in service management (e.g. Welcome to Excellence).  For the last twenty years have also worked closely with both senior and middle managers in my role as a strategic marketing consultant

- with sales – I have developed and delivered sales programmes to telesales operations such as Virgin Holidays. I act as a coach to sales managers and sales directors as well as supporting sales staff in the field for companies from Leisure, tourism manufacturing, science telecoms and technology.  I have written and delivered national sales training programmes to telecoms, tourism manufacturing and professional practices (such as large accountancy and solicitors practices). I have also developed sales programmes for front line staff and owner managers of smaller businesses.

- training or facilitation – see CV Twenty years of successful training and facilitation

- work on tender´s competency development – developed a wide range of management change programmes for Large Manufacturing operation (Parkers of Leeds); ACAS – an internationally recognised arbitration and conciliation service in the UK. I have developed and written programmes for management of telecoms and technology companies such as VoitQ which initially start with competencies and then the training follows to embed those competencies

- Lean Management – working with four large UK service based organisations helping them implement major changes across their operations. The programme is across a single sector but entails helping them identify barriers and challenges to change, the initiation of a change programme that engages the teams and helps, through the provision of tools and approaches, effectively and speedily implement the required change.  These programmes are also supported by an range of learning interventions that give managers and staff the capacity and resilience for change.

Relevant Achievements

Some recent and relevant achievements include:
  • Developing and delivering an extensive senior manager strategic leadership programme (in the Hotel sector)
  • Developing and delivering a management programme for senior managers (operations and financial directors/managers in the paper/cardboard industry (trained over 100 managers from across the UK)
  • Coached over 30 SME business owners helping them develop skills to enable the better leadership of their businesses
  • Supported over seven years the senior management of a high growth scientific business roles included recruiting directors, organisational restructuring, management of the sales force and on-going customer feedback
  • Rank Organisation – Strategic service improvement programme (full company roll out)
  • Developed a sales and marketing toolkit which has helped over 50 tourism and hospitality businesses in the North West of England
  • Undertook a major management development programme (based on competencies) for both a large engineering company and a UK Local Authority
  • Trainer and consultant on strategic customer focus project and change management – group of 76 1st and 2nd line managers and more then 50 potentials from ISP Card  (Intesa Sanpaolo Card Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Russia, Egypt, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia), Y 2012, 2013 & 2014
  • Working as a trainer on national project of tourist industry education project on national level. It is organized by Croatian National Tourist Board in 6 regional centres, Y2013 & 2014
  • Strategic Plannning training for HT (Croatian Telekom) Technical Academy, Y2015

Specific relevant learning programmes

Building Better Business Relationships and chairing conferences (for a large publishing house)
Negotiation skills for business owners and senior managers (including negotiating with unions and other work based organisations)
Sales negotiations including the development of a consultative sales approach
Strategic management and strategic marketing (for large national organisations)
Presentation Skills (senior and middle managers)
Training Trainers (The Training Journey)
NVQ levels 3,4 & 5 Training Support programmes
Problem Solving (an interactive learning programme)
Building a coaching culture
Coaching for managers
Middle management leadership and development

Jon Thedham has worked with a wide variety of large and small organisations helping them through consultancy and coaching and also through the development of an extensive range of learning programme. His clients include:

  • Philippine National Bank
  • Lancaster University
  • Charter Solutions
  • Melloy Whittle Robinson
  • Lancaster Chamber of Commerce
  • City & Guilds UK
  • Ascendant Capital Advisors
  • Intesa Sanpaolo Card

Technology and science
  • Mycroft Ltd (Computer security)
  • Voiteq (technology – warehousing solutions)
  • TEC (technology – communications and internet enabling)
  • Denwa (telephony)
  • Huntingdon Life Science
  • HT – Croatian Telekom
  • Thistle Hotels
  • The Rank Organisation
  • The Grand Vacation Club
  • One North East – North West RDA
  • English Tourism Council (now VisitBritain)
  • British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions
  • The Rank Organisation (Rank Group Plc)
  • HTZ – Croatian tourist board

  • Jefferson Smurfitt Group
  • Global Techno Incorporated (Japan)
  • Metal Bulletin
  • Biocatalysts
  • Chadwicks of Bury



Janus PIM d.o.o.

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