Janus PIM


Personal development and self-awareness


Course outline
  • Own learning style (Honey Mumford)
  • Working in a team - basic ground rules, what makes effective teams
  • EI & Understanding own EI scores
  • NLP model of communication with others and self 
  • Using SWOT analysis 
  • Confidence and self-esteem 
  • Role of a team leader – day to day and beyond
  • Introduction to personal action agendas, learning logs and assignments

Learning Outcomes
  • Begin to build folder
  • Start learning logs
  • Identify what is mission vision and strategies of the business
  • Research another or two organisations mission and strategies
  • Identify one small change which could make an improvement in own area 
Additional learning support
Pre Course
  • Complete Learning styles Questionnaire and read hand out - come to course prepared to discuss
  • Complete How I like to learn sheet
  • Felder and Soloman diagnostic which links learning styles together with Myers Briggs
  • Stranded activity present review and reflect
  • Complete EI questionnaire-links to EI input
Post programe activity
  • Read EI handout
  • Begin to complete learning logs encourage them to get on the referred sites on reading and resources list- what have they learnt - how will they use it.
  • Identify what the mission vision and values of the business are
  • Identify 2 other organizations mission vision and values and compare them
  • Compare and contrast and come to the next course ready to share what they have learnt
  • Think about a small change which demands a different set of behaviors to achieve 
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