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Jo Small


A motivational coach and trainer with 25 years’ experience of supporting leaders to reach their potential

Adaptive, empathetic and challenging. Jo will get the outcome that’s right for individuals and the organization, recognize challenges and concerns, and create thought processes that allow people to shine in their roles. She is an international coach with over 18 years’ coaching experience. Her training delivery is underpinned by strong coaching principles, which sets her apart from the crowd of ‘stand and deliver’ trainers.

Marko Small

An energetic and knowledgeable trainer bringing significant experience of management and people development.
Over the last 25 years, Mark has been providing advice, training and support to a range of organisations: helping small enterprises to develop growth strategies, shaping the future of large corporations through skills development programmes and successfully delivering complex projects within the education sector. Working in English, Mark has delivered training to teams in Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, India, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and the United States . 

Jon Thedham
An experienced executive manager, consultant, trainer, facilitator and business coach
Focus on work:
  • in IT industry
  • in international/multinational environment
  • with managers and sales
  • work on tender´s competency development
  • Lean Management
Relevant Achievements
  • 20 yr experience as executive manager, consultant, trainer, facilitator and business coach
  • Developing a range of leadership, strategic management, negotiation, marketing, sales and customer service programmes for a diverse range of clients
  • Trained, coached and mentored an extensive number of managers (in excess of 2000) from a wide variety of sectors
  • Trainer and consultant on strategic customer focus project and change management ISP Card (Croatia and region)
  • An associate of Lancaster Universitiy and Bradford University 
Bob Manuel
Employment History
  • Director of Sales with a blue chip brewery L2.4bn turnover, eventually bought by Heineken. Managed a sales team of 22 plus sales support and credit control.
  • Director of a London based training consultancy, grew the business from L300kto L1.5m pa in 3 years
  • Set up a training company, as a joint venture with an Accountancy practice, bought out original Partners when t/o reached L250k, 5 years later, merged with a Management Consultancy t/o L1.75m
Relevant Achievements
  • Sustained growth in all companies responsible for sales and people development
  • Negotiated attractive terms of buyout and merger
  • Successfully bid for a number of public sector tenders valued at L5m 
  • Worked with over 150 SME’s supporting business development strategies
  • Awarded Gold Award by Management Consultants Association for support programme



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